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Free condom and lubricant samples with every order! While supplies last, we will include one Lifestyles Sheer Pleasure condom and one foil packet of ONE Oasis lubricant with each and every order. It's just our way of saying thanks!

Okamoto Sale and August Featured Products

Beyond Seven Condoms
Discreetly named slim condom.
Was $7.29 -- $64.59
Box of 12 only $5.79
Crown Condoms
High quality inexpensive wider condom.
Was $7.29 -- $63.99
Box of 36 only $13.99
Okamoto 004 Zero Zero Four Condoms
New! Thinner than ultra thin.
Was $18.89 -- $39.89
Box of 10 only $13.99

Ultra Thin Condom Assortment 24 Pack
Enhance your pleasure with eight different ultra thin condom styles!
Includes FREE samples of 004
Lifestyles THINZ Extreme Condoms 10 Retail Box
New! Thin with extra lubricant.
Lifestyles 3Sum Condoms 12 Retail Box
New! Shaped condom with ribs and studs.
Lifestyles EverLast Intense Condoms 10 Retail Box
New! Studs to intensify plus delay lubricant.
Lifestyles SKYN Intense Feel Non-Latex Condoms 10 Retail Box
New! The first textured polyisoprene condom.
Lifestyles SKYN Extra Lubricated Non-Latex Condoms 12 Retail Box
New! Polyisoprene with extra silky lube.
Lifestyles SKYN Non-Latex Condom Selection 10 Retail Box
New! Try a range of polyisoprene condoms.
Trojan Double Ecstasy Condoms 10 Retail Box
New! Multi mode lubricants for mutual pleasure.
Durex Avanti Bare Non-Latex Condoms
New! Non-latex polyisoprene for a softer feel.
$11.59 -- $23.59
Caution Wear Mission 707 Studded Condoms
New! Studded condom with silicone lubricant.
$6.99 -- $38.89
ONE Oasis Lubricant 100 ml
New! Pleasure is closer than you imagine.
Trojan Midnight Collection
New! For nights of infinite pleasure...
Trojan Multi Thrill Vibrating Bullet
New! 3 in 1 design to spark pleasure.
Trojan Arouses and Releases Lubricant 3 fl oz
New! Supercharged orgasmic pleasure.
Trojan Hot Spot Vibrating Ring
New! Designed to touch the right spot.
Durex Performax Intense Condoms
New! Delay lubricant with ribs and dots for mutual climax.
$9.99 -- $90.79
Lifestyles Epic Densitizing Spray 10 ml
New! Controlled endurance.
Trojan Explore Gel Lubricant
New! Just pure fun.
$5.79 -- $7.29
Trojan Simply Pleasure Lubricant 3 fl oz
New! Only two ingredients.
Lifestyles THYN Condoms
New! Thin flared shape for maximum pleasure.
$7.59 -- $64.19
Lifestyles KYNG Smooth Condoms
New! Premium large straight shaft condom.
$7.59 -- $64.19
Glyde Ultra Condoms
New! Standard sized ethical & vegan condom.
$14.39 -- $88.39
Glyde Slimfit Condoms
New! Snugger fit ethical & vegan condom.
$14.39 -- $88.39
Glyde Maxi Condoms
New! Large ethical & vegan condom.
$14.39 -- $88.39
Glyde Ultra Flavored Condoms
New! Flavored ethical & vegan condom.
$14.69 -- $51.29
ID Pleasure Lubricant
Stimulating with Ginkgo Biloba and Red Clover.
Was $6.69 -- $39.89
2.8 oz bottle only $6.49
Trojan Magnum Condoms Gold Collection 10 Retail Box
New! Sampler with four styles of Trojan Magnum condoms.
Was $10.89
Sale $8.19
Trojan Pleasure Pack Condoms
A variety of adventurous Trojans.
Was $10.89 -- $26.89
Box of 12 only $8.69
Swiss Navy All Natural Lubricant
New! Glycerin, paraben and sugar free formula.
Was $8.49 -- $38.39
2 oz bottle only $6.79

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