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"Wow! I placed an $85 order with you folks in the middle of the night on Friday. The postman drove it up to the door on Monday -- well in advance of my expectations! It was neatly and professionally packed, correct in all respects, with everything working fine and a couple of nice little freebies to boot. Great work!

I have only one question: Do you guys fix cars?"
-- Pennsylvania, 3/30/09 More testimonials

Howdy, pardner, and welcome! My name is Prophylactic Pete -- "The Condom Cowboy", as mi amigos like to call me, and this here is the finest place to buy condoms and other below-the-belt-buck'l items -- on the Web since 1994.

The good folks who dot the i's and cross the t's told me I should scribble down everything that comes to mind in regards to this great thing we got here, Condom Country. So here goes, and we look forward to doing business with you!

Here's a whole mess o' links so y'all can feel right at home. The stuff on the left is pretty much all the nuts and bolts all lined up in nice little rows, good an' proper. The stuff on the right is just for yer informashun.

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Want to ask a question? Just tap on the ol' Contact Us button on the left edge of the page or send email straight-out to pete@condom.com if that makes more sense to ya. If it's an order you're writin' about, please do what you can to send the order number along with your question, it'll certainly help the folks here out a lot. Traditionalists can order by mail or fax too -- y'all need a PDF reader, tho.

Wholesale and Non-Profit Customers should check out our NEW bulk products store WholesaleCondoms.Net! Minimum order $150.

Condom Country packs offer great values on many of our most popular items. As a special bonus for trying them out, for a limited time we're including a sample packet of Astroglide or ID Glide in every hand packed box of condoms.

By the by, if sumpin happins which gets the ranch folk all in a lather, like a special deal or neato keen new item, we like to fire up the cumputer and send messages to the four corners. Jes' type your email address and click Subscribe and y'all hear from me once a month or so. An' don't fret, Condom Country don't sell, rent, trade, barter or share email addresses with nobody, and I don't mumble 'em in my sleep, neither.

ALWAYS discreet shipping and billing!