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Pjur is Europe's #1 moisturizing lubricant brand. Manufactured in Germany using the highest quality ingredients, Pjur products are long lasting and leave skin velvety soft. Recommended by doctors and pharmacists worldwide.

The most popular products by far are the ultra smooth Pjur Original Bodyglide and Pjur Woman Bodyglide silicone lubricants. Each of these silicone lubes is also produced in a thicker gel formulation as Pjur Original Bodyglide Gel and Pjur Woman Bodyglide Gel. A thinner silicone Pjur product called Pjur Light Bodyglide is available, as well, as is Pjur Man Personalglide, a lower cost alternative for folks on a budget. Finally, the newest Pjur product here at the Country is also the most unique as Pjur Man Creamglide is the only condom safe silicone cream lubricant available in the marketplace today.

For those looking for a traditional water-based lubricant, there are corresponding Pjur Aqua and Pjur Woman Aqua products, as well as a thicker gel version called Pjur Woman Aqua Gel.

The major difference between the Pjur and Pjur Woman products is simply one of brand name and packaging. The actual lubricant inside an "Original" or "Man" bottle is essentially identical to the product inside a "Woman" bottle. The other words in the product name are much more important. "Bodyglide" products use a silicone based oil free formulation. "Aqua" products use a traditional water based formulation. Every Pjur product is condom safe.

Pjur Original Bodyglide Lubricant
Super concentrated silicone formulation.
Was $13.29 -- $149.99
Sale $9.29 -- $104.99
Pjur Woman Bodyglide Lubricant
Silicone lubricant especially for women.
Was $13.29 -- $21.69
Sale $9.29 -- $15.19
Pjur Aqua Lubricant 100 ml
Long lasting water-based lubricant.
Was $17.49
Sale $12.29
Pjur Original Bodyglide Gel Lubricant 100 ml
The quality of Pjur. The control of a silicone gel.
Was $21.69
Sale $15.19
Pjur Light Bodyglide Lubricant
A lighter formulation of silicone Original Bodyglide.
Was $21.69 -- $149.99
Sale $15.19 -- $104.99
Pjur Man Personalglide Lubricant 100 ml
Inexpensive entry level silicone lubricant.
Was $16.99
Sale $11.89

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