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ID is a well established lubricant brand with a full range of lubes available. The most popular is the original ID Glide which is consistently rated highly and an excellent value. For those who are looking for the ultimate long lasting silicone lube, again at a very fair price, look no further than ID Millennium which has a very similar profile to other silicone lubes which cost much much more. ID is also responsible for the ultimate silicone lubricant ID Velvet which is one of the most expensive lubes on the market, and worth every penny! One of the most popular flavored lubes is ID Juicy Lube which features some unusual and unique flavors. Perhaps the most unique lube in our catalog is the L-Arginine enriched ID Pleasure which adds a stimulating ingredient to the mix. The selection of ID products is rounded out with ID Sensation which is a warming lubricant, and ID Cream which is a long lasting cream for massage or manual stimulation.

ID Glide Lubricant
Long lasting and silky smooth with neutral taste.
Was $6.39 -- $167.19
Sale $4.49 -- $116.99
ID Millennium Lubricant
Concentrated, oil-free silicone formulation.
Was $2.59 -- $73.69
Sale $1.79 -- $51.59
ID Pleasure Lubricant
Stimulating with Ginkgo Biloba and Red Clover.
Was $10.39 -- $39.89
Sale $7.29 -- $27.89
ID Velvet Lubricant
Newly reformulated silicone lubricant.
Was $8.69 -- $36.49
Sale $6.09 -- $25.59
ID Juicy Lube 3.5 fl oz Pump
Great tasting, sensuous flavors.
Was $13.89
Sale $9.69
ID Sensation Warming Lubricant
Warms on contact.
Was $12.59 -- $44.29
Sale $8.79 -- $30.99

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