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Condom Country is proud to introduce the new improved Kimono Microthin Condoms, Kimono Microthin Condoms with Aqua Lube, and Kimono Microthin Large Condoms! These products have always been some of the thinnest around, and the new versions are even thinner and more sensitive!

Kimono is known the world over as the Cadillac of designer condoms. Although they may cost a little more than traditional condoms, Kimonos are certainly worth every penny. You've tried all the rest, now use the best!

Kimono MAXX Large Flare Condoms
New! Large with unique flared shape.
$10.49 -- $95.09
Kimono Microthin Condoms
New improved version of America's thinnest latex condom!
$10.49 -- $95.09
Kimono Textured Ribbed Sensi-Dots Condoms
Unique Japanese form-fitting green latex condom with both ribs and dots.
$10.49 -- $95.09
Kimono Condom Sampler 24 Pack
Try the entire lineup of Kimono condoms!
Kimono Microthin Plus with Aqua Lube
Premium lubricant for added comfort.
$10.49 -- $95.09
Kimono Microthin Large Condoms
Up to 45% thinner than other large condoms.
$10.49 -- $95.09
Kimono MAXX Condoms
Longer, wider, and more head room.
$10.49 -- $95.09
Kimono Thin Condoms
Classic form-fitting extra sensitive condom.
$10.49 -- $95.09

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