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Lambskin condoms are one of the better options available to folks who have a latex allergy. They are made from a natural membrane and as a result they have a feel which is completely different from latex and have their own special sensitivity. It is important to note that natural membrane condoms made of lambskin will not prevent the transmission of AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). They do reliably protect against pregnancy.

Lambskin condoms are almost certainly the oldest type of condom, as there are records of lambskin condom use during the early part of the Roman Empire. Oddly, while there have been a variety of different lambskin condoms in the market over the years, including Fourex, for quite some time now the only lambskin condom available in the United States has been the Kling-Tite Naturalamb made by the same folks who manufacture Trojan condoms.

FYI, occasionally folks call or email us asking to purchase sheep skin condoms. This can lead to a bit of confusion, as a lamb is defined as a young sheep, typically less than one year old. In other words, each and every lamb skin condom would also be considered a sheep skin condom. Regardless of terminology, lamb skin condoms are an excellent choice for people with latex allergies who are only concerned about prevention of pregnancy.

Kling-Tite Naturalamb Condoms
Lambskin material provides unique feeling and sensation.
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