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Silicone lubricant has special qualities which make it perfect for more demanding sexual applications. Sometimes incorrectly referred to as "silicon lube", these lubricants stay slippery until washed off with soap and water. Ideal for extended intercourse as well as underwater sex, silicone lubes are also preferred by many for anal use.

Astroglide Diamond Silicone Gel 3 oz
New! Unique thick silicone gel.
ONE Move Silicone Lubricant 100 ml
New! Performance in motion.
Wet Uranus Silicone Lubricant
New! Never sticky anal lube.
$14.29 -- $73.89
Fusion Double Impact Lubricant 2 fl oz
New! Toy safe, easy cleanup silicone lube.
Encounter Silk Female Lubricant 2 fl oz
New! Hybrid non-staining lubricant.
Encounter Lasting Female Lubricant 2 fl oz
New! Always slick formula.
Wet Platinum Lubricant
Light, silicone lubricant which doesn't dry out.
$8.59 -- $317.29
Pjur Original Bodyglide Lubricant
Super concentrated silicone formulation.
$4.29 -- $149.99
ID Millennium Lubricant
Concentrated, oil-free silicone formulation.
$2.59 -- $73.69
ID Velvet Lubricant
Newly reformulated silicone lubricant.
$8.69 -- $36.49
Pjur Woman Bodyglide Lubricant
Silicone lubricant especially for women.
$13.29 -- $21.69
Pjur Original Bodyglide Gel Lubricant 100 ml
The quality of Pjur. The control of a silicone gel.
Astroglide X Silicone Lubricant 2.5 oz
Silicone lubricant formulation from the makers of Astroglide.
Pjur Light Bodyglide Lubricant
A lighter formulation of silicone Original Bodyglide.
$21.69 -- $149.99
Pjur Man Personalglide Lubricant 100 ml
Inexpensive entry level silicone lubricant.
Wet Naturals Silky Supreme Lubricant 3.1 oz
Glycerin, paraben and sugar free silicone lubricant with Vitamin E.

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