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Adequate lubrication is an essential component of great sex. Purchasing and using high quality sexual lubricants is the easiest and cheapest way to spice things up and increase condom performance. For enhanced pleasure, simply place a drop or two of lubricant on the tip of the penis before putting on the condom. A little lube on the outside of the condom will make both partners more comfortable and will also reduce the possibility of breakage.

Most typical lubricants are in the liquid lubes section, while slightly thicker lubes are in gel lubes. Manufacturers are always tweaking the basic formula, often by adding additional ingredients. Stimulating lubes and warming lubes have a small but dedicated following. The most popular lubricant variations are flavored lubes. There are also lubricants designed for specific applications such as silicone lubes which stay slippery until washed off with soap, and desensitizing lubes which include a numbing agent to delay climax.

The ranch hands have placed some of the best selling products from each style on this page. For additional product selection and information, click on a subcategory below. All lubricants available at Condom Country are 100% condom compatible unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Featured Products

Lube Shooter Lubricant Delivery Device
New! Keep lube off of the sheets, and where it belongs!
Was $7.49
Sale $5.29
Wet Pheromone Lubricant
New! Enhance natural chemistry with this alluring formula.
Was $10.39 -- $64.39
Sale $7.29 -- $45.09
ID Glide Lubricant
Long lasting and silky smooth with neutral taste.
Was $6.39 -- $167.19
Sale $4.49 -- $116.99
Wet Platinum Lubricant
Light, silicone lubricant which doesn't dry out.
Was $8.59 -- $317.29
Sale $5.99 -- $222.09
Pjur Original Bodyglide Lubricant
Super concentrated silicone formulation.
Was $13.29 -- $149.99
Sale $9.29 -- $104.99
Wet Light Lubricant
Thin water-based lube with aloe & Vitamin E.
Was $8.89 -- $45.19
Sale $6.19 -- $31.59
ID Millennium Lubricant
Concentrated, oil-free silicone formulation.
Was $2.59 -- $73.69
Sale $1.79 -- $51.59
Wet Original Gel Lubricant
Water-based gel with aloe & vitamin E.
Was $5.19 -- $140.39
Sale $5.39 -- $98.29
Kama Sutra Intensifying Gel
Available in Cooling & Tingling and Warming & Arousing formulas.
Was $15.19
Sale $10.59
ID Juicy Lube 3.5 fl oz Pump
Great tasting, sensuous flavors.
Was $13.89
Sale $9.69
ForPlay Gel Plus Lubricant
Contains Aloe Vera.
Was $13.59 -- $43.49
Sale $9.49 -- $30.49

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