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When heading below the eeeekwator, be prepared! Bring the proper equipment!

Oral sex sure is hard to beat, but it isn't without its dangers, just like regular intercourse. This section is all about educating people on the abundant variety of options for safe oral sex and making the proposition even more fun.

Click on any of our best selling oral sex products below, or surf one of the subcategories above for more choices.

Featured Products

Trojan Non-Lubricated Condoms 12 Retail Box
The only non-lubricated Trojan condom.
Was $7.19
Sale $4.99
ID Juicy Lube 3.5 fl oz Pump
Great tasting, sensuous flavors.
Was $13.89
Sale $9.69
Wet Flavored Lubricant
Explosive taste!
Was $9.89 -- $16.69
Sale $6.89 -- $11.69
Trustex Flavored Condoms
Taste the difference!
Was $6.99 -- $56.29
Sale $4.89 -- $39.39
Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Non-Lubricated Condoms
The only traditional non-lubricated Lifestyles condom.
Was $7.59 -- $109.79
Sale $5.29 -- $76.89
Lifestyles Assorted Flavors & Colors Condoms
Yum yum!
Was $7.59 -- $109.79
Sale $5.29 -- $76.89
Astroglide Strawberry Lubricant 2.5 oz
Astroglide quality, tempting taste.
Was $9.49
Sale $6.69
Wet 4-in-1 Fun Flavors Lubricant
Water-based flavored warming massage lotion.
Was $14.09 -- $15.99
Sale $9.89 -- $11.19
Flavored Condom Sampler 48 Pack
Try many different flavored condoms with this 48 pack assortment!
Was $34.99
Sale $24.49

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