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Over the years, the ranch hands here at the Country have been learning and growing along with our customers. In general, we try to carry every single condom and lubricant product available in the good ol' U.S. of A. within reason. After all, we are Condom Country, established 1994, first safe sex store on the Web, period, end of story, before Google, Yahoo! or Amazon existed. YEE HAW!

Anyhoo, where was I goin' with all that? Right. Some of our customers are, how shall we put it, a tad bit more adventurous than most, and have encouraged us to broaden our merch-n-dice to include a bit wider range of produckts. They ran it past me kinda like this...

Hey Pete! You guys rock! I'm writing because I'd really love to buy a vibrator online but most of the people who sell that stuff are sleazebags, and I don't want to get bombarded with adult catalogs in the mail for the rest of my natural born days... I just want to purchase a sex toy and have it shipped and billed discreet just like the condoms I buy from Condom Country. Any chance of adding this kind of stuff? Thanks!

Bein' the generally agreeable sort, I said shure, and sent the ranch hands out to stock up on some more unusual provisions... Our first few items, primarily related to safe oral sex and specifically dental dams sold well, and over time, we added a range of vibrators, a selection of sex toys and some sex education materials.

So, if yer ready, take a gander at some of our best selling more adventuresome products below, or click on one of the subsections above for more choices. Enjoy!

Featured Products

Trojan Multi-Speed Vibrating Ring
Select from four different modes with the push of a button.
Was $11.99
Sale $8.39
Trojan Ultra Touch Vibrating Massager
New! Versatile mini fingertip and bullet vibrator.
Was $19.59
Sale $13.69
Trojan Extended Pleasure Condoms 12 Retail Box
Features a desensitizing lubricant.
Was $10.89
Sale $7.59
Vibrating Cock Ring With Replaceable Battery
Silicone vibrating ring with replaceable battery. Includes two bonus batteries!
Was $7.49
Sale $5.29
ID Millennium Lubricant
Concentrated, oil-free silicone formulation.
Was $2.59 -- $73.69
Sale $1.79 -- $51.59
Maven Sleeve
Ultra comfortable Softwear Skin construction.
Was $42.39
Sale $29.69
ForPlay Adult Toy Cleanser 7 oz
Gentle and effective.
Was $11.39
Sale $7.99
Trojan Non-Lubricated Condoms 12 Retail Box
The only non-lubricated Trojan condom.
Was $7.19
Sale $4.99
Titan Massager
Our most powerful mini massager.
Was $29.59
Sale $20.69
Waterproof Jr. G-Spot Vibrator
One of our most popular products!
Was $16.89
Sale $11.79
Water Dancer Massager
Waterproof, compact and powerful.
Was $21.29
Sale $14.89

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