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Ribbed condoms contain small ridges, or ribs, in the latex. When used in intercourse, the result is a vibrating sensation that most folks find very arousing. A ribbed condom may have large ribs, small ribs, or something in between. Almost all condoms are ribbed on the outside, not the inside, but the texture is felt by both partners.

Trojan Double Ecstasy Condoms 10 Retail Box
New! Multi mode lubricants for mutual pleasure.
Was $11.89
Sale $8.29
Trojan Magnum Ribbed Condoms 12 Retail Box
New! Stimulation where it counts.
Was $10.89
Sale $7.59
Durex Performax Intense Condoms
New! Delay lubricant with ribs and dots for mutual climax.
Was $9.99 -- $90.79
Sale $6.99 -- $63.59
Trojan Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy Condoms
Premium condom with deep ribs for added stimulation.
Was $11.89 -- $24.69
Sale $8.29 -- $17.29
Textured Condom Assortment 24 Pack
An assortment containing a range of the most popular ribbed and studded condom styles.
Was $16.29
Sale $11.39
Kimono Textured Ribbed Sensi-Dots Condoms
Unique Japanese form-fitting green latex condom with both ribs and dots.
Was $10.49 -- $95.09
Sale $7.39 -- $66.59
Trojan Her Pleasure Sensations Condoms 12 Box
Unique ribbing at the base for enhanced female pleasure.
Was $9.99
Sale $6.99
Trojan Ultra Ribbed Condoms
The classic Trojan condom with ribbed vibrations to add sensation.
Was $9.99 -- $24.69
Sale $6.99 -- $17.29
Trojan Stimulations Intense Condoms 12 Box
Deeper ribs for enhanced stimulation.
Was $10.89
Sale $7.59
Lifestyles Ribbed Pleasure Condoms
The classic ribbed Lifestyles condom.
Was $7.59 -- $64.19
Sale $5.29 -- $44.89

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