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Howdy! We're always gettin' new stuff in here at the ranch, and sometimes, that means old stuff has to go Go GO.

Take a gander at the ridiculously low prices, and enjoy!

The fine print: Quantities of sale items are limited and allocated on a first come first served basis. If we are unable to provide an item, we will remove it from the order and make the appropriate adjustment to the order total. For large international orders, we may request payment of additional shipping and handling to cover postage.

Feathre Luv Mermaid Bath Kit
Unleash the sexual power of pheromones!
Was $24.99
Sale $12.49
Feathre Luv Ocean Maiden Bath Gel
A refreshing bathing experience.
Was $5.99 -- $12.89
Sale $2.99 -- $6.49
Maha PowerEx Intelligent Charger & Conditioner
Includes 4 AA batteries.
Was $41.69
Sale $20.89
The Original Spankie
The ultimate gag guy gift.
Was $8.99
Sale $4.49
See Dick T-Shirt
See Dick with an erection...
Was $14.49
Sale $7.19
Inspected By #47 T-Shirt
At Acme Rubber Co., Quality is Job #1.
Was $14.49
Sale $7.19
Condom Country T-Shirt
Ride in style with Pete & Latex.
Was $9.99
Sale $4.99
Romantic Interludes Book
Bring the sensual and the intimate back to sex.
Was $12.89
Sale $6.49
Male Erotic Massage Book
Detailed instruction for pleasing your man.
Was $21.99
Sale $10.99
Kiss of Desire Book
A guide to oral sex for men and women.
Was $17.89
Sale $8.99
Swinging -- From Fantasy to Reality Video DVD
Comprehensive guide.
Was $32.89
Sale $16.49
Erotic Seduction Video DVD
Discover new ways to seduce.
Was $32.69
Sale $16.39
Toys for Great Sex Video DVD
The key to a well stocked toy box.
Was $28.29
Sale $14.19
Erotic Strip Dance Video DVD
Seductive dance moves for added sensuality.
Was $24.89
Sale $12.49

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